Q. Does unity believe in the physical death and resurrection of Jesus?

My husband and I has been coming to unity for the past 3 months. We are also attending a few classes taught by Rev Ray. We are enjoying learning about Unity Church. I have a few questions that I haven’t had the opportunity to ask. #1. Does unity believe in the physical death and resurrection of Jesus? #2 Does Unity Church have funerals for members? What is the service like?
What is the basic message?
Thank you for the opportunity to get my questions answered. I ‘m sure there will be more. :-). Liz



  1. Rev. Ray Nelson says:

    Thanks for the question Liz. 1. Like many ideas and teachings in theology and Christianity there is a range of beliefs on anything biblical to be found in Unity. There is ample evidence that Charles Fillmore believed in the death and resurrection. In today’s Unity there would be a range of answers, But, most Unity ministers teach to look beyond the event for the lessons in your life. To see beyond the physical facts of the story and see the underlying message for you. At a deeper level is to look at what may be behind the initial question. Traditional Christianity believes there is a redemptive meaning to the death and resurrection of Jesus. That we are sinners in need of saving. Without going into the entirety of all the theological points of view this is not Unity’s teaching. We believe Jesus death and resurrection pointed the way to a new understanding of life. That we are at our essence Spiritual beings and that life itself is eternal. As Divine expression of the one source of all creation we to are eternal and can overcome death. We are not broken or inherently flawed in need of an saving from a Divine act of repentance from our sin but rather Divinely blessed on a spiritual evolutionary path toward acceptance of our inherent wholeness. Jesus death did not save us from our sin but pointed the way to the truth.

    Yes we do funerals. Each funeral is as unique as the individual members of the church. Our funerals tend toward celebrations of a life and a homely that reaffirms our wholeness and affirms life eternal. There is no one type of funeral but typically readings, music, lots of music often times, short message, prayer, and sharing.

    Hopes this was helpful Rev Ray

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